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Students and their parents have many things to consider when deciding on where and to study in choosing Malaysia as a study destination, students benefit from:

An international slandered and high quality education which is closely monitored by the Malaysian Education Ministries through their quality control authorities and appropriate legislation such as the Education act, 1996 and The Malaysian Qualification Agency Act 2007.

Affordable living expenses which can be as low as RM 12, 000.00(USD3,750) per year.

Student’s study friendly laws which allow international students to work part time for a maximum of 20 hour per week. While studying full time in Malaysia (Subject to immigration requirement).

An economically sound and socially safe country, which has a stable government and a law serious crime rate-A geographically safe environment, Malaysia situated in a zone free from most natural disasters.

A food paradise which has a huge variety of cuisines available including vegetarian, halal, ethnic, and western.

An excellent transportation system which allows for easy mobility and a huge variety of interesting place to visit for relaxation.

We are the officially partner of top ranking universities and colleges in Malaysia. Some of our partners university and colleges are……