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Why The UK

Intoduction: The United Kingdom official name of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It consists of four countries united under one sovereign and government. The countries are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each have a specific culture and feel of there own with some in Northern Ireland wishing to gap from the United Kingdom and join the Republic of Ireland, with which the UK shares its only land border. The United Kingdom is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. A king or queen is the head of state. A prime minister is the head of government of the country. The people vote in elections for Members of Parliament to perform them.

Study Opportunities :  If you study in Europe, you’ll gain all the skills you need for the worldwide  economy. Study and learn with students from all corners of the world, discover a new language and culture, and develop your independence at a university in United Kingdom.You can learn in English, or drown yourself fully in a new culture and language. From the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa, you can analyze a truly varied and multicultural region, with a rich academic history spanning thousands of years. Europe has developed a quality affirmation scheme, sheltering all European higher education courses. Everybody find the degrees are great value for money – tuition fees and living expenses are very reasonable, international scholarships are universally available, and education is highly valued in all countries. Sweden or Italy? Czech Republic or Spain? The choice is boundless from highly ranked research universities to smaller, specialized European institutions. European degrees  will open your eyes to new opportunities and give you an education that employers around the world will really value and dignity. No matter where you choose to study, you’ll only be a short train ride or arrival away from other countries and cultures. Studying in Europe grants  you to explore the world – while you study and when you finish your Degree in Europe.

Research Opportunities : In UK the Graduate School supports all graduate students in the College, managing and promoting a range of services and resources to ensure a constructive  and intigrative intellectual environment. We have a dynamic and diverse community of postgraduate students who benefit from teaching and research in a stimulating intellectual and cultural environment which emulates the University’s enormous range of academic and vocational expertise and international acceptability. UK’s  research is world leading in its addition to global innovation. With our attention on authority sectors and association with industry and government we help change the way society thinks, works and learns.You can be a part of this by studying a research degree in UK, applying for one of its research degrees or by considering one of the funded research opportunities below. These are usually full-time over three years although part-time opportunities also live.

Scholarship Opportunities : There are a lot of opportunity to get scholarship for international students. A vast area of faculty available .You will only be studied for any of these funding opportunities after you have been accepted onto the PhD programme. Although they offer PhD scholarships on a rotation basis throughout the year, we inspire you to apply as early as possible. They consider applicants for scholarships based on the power of your application and a scholarship interview. The same criteria apply for awards, along with a conditional offer subject to meeting the key entry requirements. For undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students the have a number of merit based partial scholarships for £3000 or £2000 available. These scholarships are available to apply for once you have applied to the University. You must be a full time international taught student in the first year of your study at the university.

Future Career : Think and beleive about what you’d like to be doing five years down the line. Do you see yourself in the same role or somewhere contrasting? You might change your views and thinking onward the way, but a specific target gives you something to aim for. Getting a part time job during your studies is a great way to make some extra cash and practice your English Language too. International students who study a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at a recognised university are allowed to work part time during the study for up to 20 hours a week and full time during the holidays. There are huge number of part-time student jobs in London to help support your studies. A large number of  universities have careers and work placement centres to help you find employment. London has eight universities in the top ten UK universities with the best starting earnings for graduates.

Life Style : A lot of varieties people live in United Kingdom. Britain and the English language have been shaped by other cultures of people. Students normally want to know about the different regional significance in the UK. These do exist but the pronunciation differences are lower than would be found between British,  American and Australian English. Teachers and families will always speak very positively for students, and they are rarely to encounter any problems with local accents. The London-established government and Parliament were answerable for the whole UK until 1999 when stronger local government was established in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are an enormous range of things to do in the UK during the evenings and weekends. British people like to socialise in pubs and bars, and this is commonly a popular option with foreign students.

Schenario : There are a lot of beautiful scenario in United Kingdom. Though The National Trust has claimed that some of England’s most beautiful landscapes are exposed by inappropriate development because planning rules are not being followed properly. Still now it has grat eye caching natural beauties.